I’m NOT Missing In Action


Christmas Selfie

My name is Mia Boleis and I am a Senior Math Major & in the  Five Year Elementary Education Program at The University of Mary Washington. I’m originally from East Hampton, NY and I’m an only child. I love to travel, and play volleyball. I have a cat named Pierre, he is pretty dang cool. I’m sure you’ll see pictures of him throughout the semester. My dad is a pilot and flight instructor, so I’ve been flying my entire life. I love being above the clouds (and getting to Fredericksburg in 2 1/2 hours rather than 7). I have a strange obsession with giraffes, and if I could have a pet one, I would. I dislike chocolate, and everyone thinks I’m crazy for that. My favorite colors are orange and glitter. People always ask me to tell them something interesting about me and my go to is usually that I’m missing a bone in each of my feet, but I’m not sure if that is interesting or weird. Oh well.

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