Baby You Can Ride With My Blank Space

Well. Audio week has proven to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

We need a total of 8 stars this week, so I did the Dramatic Reading Remix which is worth 3.5 stars. What you had to do was do a dramatic reading of one of your favorite songs, then pair it with some instrumental music (that wasn’t what it originally came with). Sounds pretty easy right? WRONG. IT WAS NOT EASY. I used audacity which is a free music editor to help me create this work of art.

The first thing I did was pick a song to read dramatically. Let me just say that I did this assignment 3 times before it turned out the way I wanted it to. The first song I attempted was Monsters by Timeflies. The second was I Choose U by Timeflies. The third (and the one I stuck with) on I did was Ride by Timeflies (I have an obsession). These are my three favorite songs on their After Hours Album, which is why I chose them. They were also my first concert, at 5 am, last June, and I saw them two more times last year. So my first three (and only three) concerts were them. #diehardfan #timeflyer?

The first thing I did was record myself dramatically reading the song. My first dramatic reading was awful. It was basically me annunciating the words very carfully…which doesn’t make for an interesting listen. As I did it over and over, I started becoming more fluid and more dramatic. The hardest part of the reading was trying to say the words without singing it to the tune. There are parts where I did still do that for emphasis, though. After I finally liked my reading, I decided to go on youtube and find some background music

I ended up choosing Blank Space by Taylor Swift, but I used THIS karaoke version. I left everything the same with this version, I just downloaded it to my computer and imported it to audacity. The next part was the trickiest. I kept cutting my recording of my reading and moving the pieces around to fit into the Blank Space music. It got very tedious, but I have become a pro at splitting songs/recordings/audio. I really like how everything turned out, so yay! 3.5 stars down 4.5 to go.

Here is my final creation.


and here is the original song

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