Two Gunshots & A Splash

ONE MORE ASSIGNMENT worth 4 stars! This assignment is called Your Theme Song. The task is as follows: If you had the opportunity to create your own theme music, what would it sound like? Get creative and create your own sounds or select an instrumental from Youtube or any other source that represents you well.

I decided that Blair needed a theme song more than I did, and by doing that I was able to hit my 10 stars and even did 6 in honor of the lovely Blair Morgan.

I did all of my editing on audacity, which has proven to be EXTREMELY helpful this semester. I started out with two songs for background music.

I used THIS scary music, and THIS sneaky music. I then went to and downloaded the following sounds.


Man Yelling

Water Splash

Gun Shot

I did a lot of cutting with the music, to find pieces I thought fit the best into the theme song. I felt that making it simple would be able to tell a better story, and I was able to have the drama I wanted as well. Sometimes less is more, and I think that when you have a theme song, you don’t want to add TOO much so you don’t give away the entire story.

A little background: Blair is a crime scene cleaner. This is where the gunshot and sweeping comes into play. Blair also killed her husband by pushing him into the pool, hence the scream and the splash. The entire middle of the song eludes to the darkness of her killing her husband while the time before the first gunshot, and after the second gunshot allude to her everyday life as a crime scene cleaner.

I feel as though I did a good job with this assignment. It was super challenging, and it definitely took longer than I expected, especially with the layering and timing issues I was having.

Here is the final product!


  1. Thanks for sharing the detailed process and thought post. I have been working on a theme as well. It takes forever! I like the way you added sounds and that the theme is a story itself. It is now prompting me to figure that out for my persona as well. I only got the V1.0 done – the music. Yours sounds so well integrated! Fantastic job!

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