Bloody Hell

Well. Our agency’s website obviously needed a banner, and wouldn’t you know it, there was an assignment in the assignment bank entitled Website Banner. This was worth 4 stars. I didn’t really think it was that hard though. I tried to add some extra effects to make the 4 stars worth my while.

During our NNTF photo shoot, we took some pretty banging photos so I decided to use them I cropped them to be relatively the same size as I layered them onto gimp. I decided to order the pictures boy girl boy girl boy because that seemed the most appropriate. Obviously everyone knows about the love triangle that is me, Mick and Billy. While Mick has my heart, I have a feeling Billy may try to steal me back. Anyway back to this banner. After putting the photos in order, I added another black and white layer which didn’t change much. I then found some blood stains on google, and decided that since we are a cleaning agency, that that would be a great touch. I layered it on top of all the pictures, and then used the transparency slider to make it mostly transparent. Next, I added text.  I decided to use red font because red seemed the most appropriate and stood out the best against the black and white shades of the photos. Then I put our twitter handle in the corner because everyone should follow us.@NOstainNOprob

Here is the final result:


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