How Many Monstrosities Can I Yell at My Computer for One Assignment?

Everyone has a favorite song, or songs. I know if you asked me to pick just one, I couldn’t. This assignment, (worth 4 stars) is entitled Lyric Typography Poster. The task?¬†Choose one of your favorite lines from a song and illustrate it using only typography. Consider how the font, color, sizes and placement of the typography can reflect or emphasize the meaning of the words.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I chose to do Monsters, by Timeflies. This is one of my FAVORITE songs, and I’m sure after you listen to it, it will be yours too. It is so emotional, and you really can feel the energy they put into it. This is one of their favorite songs that they have ever written. You can listen to the song on Soundcloud below.

I decided I was going to type up Katie Sky’s part, which is the chorus. It goes “I see your monsters, I see your pain. Tell me your problems, I’ll chase them away. I’ll be your lighthouse, Ill make it okay. When I see your monsters, I’ll stand there so brave and chase them all away“.

This was a lot of words to put on one page, but I managed. I also was able to download SO MANY NEW FONTS!

Here is a list of the fonts I downloaded from dafont.
Disparador Stencil
Always in my Heart
Broken Glass
Scorched Earth
Kraft Nine
Mrs. Monster
Mademoiselle Camille

I really wanted the viewer to feel something when they read the lyric poster. I wanted to convey the feelings I feel whenever I hear the song. Here is the final product, and below you can find my reasoning for the font choices, and placements of words.


First off, I stuck with a red and black color scheme, because red and black makes me think of drama, and this song is definitely very dramatic. I know I feel pain when I see the word pain scorched. That font definitely spoke to me when I was searching for something to portray the feeling of pain. For problems, I chose the broken glass font because problems usually make us feel broken in some way. The font I chose for lighthouse also reminded me of a lighthouse. Growing up so close to the Montauk Lighthouse has really made me appreciate everything that lighthouses represent. They help guide, and guiding someone through their problems is definitely a message this song offers. The font I chose for monsters really reminds me of monsters. It is a little eerie, and a bit creepy, but it is also bold. Everyone has their own monsters and they really come in all shapes and sizes, and at different scare levels. The font I used for brave also stuck out to me. I found it in a group designated to army and stencil. People who fight for us are definitely brave, and I think this font really gives the feeling of brave. Lastly, the usage of script was mostly to ease the message. Script and flowy fonts really help to calm us down, and in the sea of huge block letters, they also bring everything together. That is definitely something I take away from this song.

As you can tell, I definitely put a lot of thought into this assignment. I used Word to do all of my editing. As it was worth 4 stars, I wanted to take my time to make sure it was something I was proud of. It took a lot of font editing, as well as size adjusting to make everything flow and fit. It was really annoying to work with at times. Part of the I’ll got cut off at the end, but that’s okay. That is something I need to work on in the future. I forget that the saved edition cuts off the edges of the edition you were working on.

4 stars down this week

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