Messages From The End

To finish up my assignments for the week, I decided to do Postcards from Magical Places (worth 3 stars). The task:

Design the front and back of a postcard that might be sent from the location of a movie or a work of fiction. Both sides of the cards must be created as graphics.

The front should use graphic design elements that provide a sense of place or use the classic motifs of old postcards (“Greetings from ______”)_, both pictures and text. The back of the post card should contain a stamp and postmark that fits with the theme of the movie, as well as an addressee and a message that fits the plot as well.

I actually did this assignment a couple of weeks ago, and you can see that HERE.

As my other assignments this week, we had to collaborate with another classmate. I worked with Kelsey all week. My postcard was addressed to Stella, from Blair. Blair was on vacation in Montauk, aka the end. (If you are unfamiliar with Long Island Geography, check a map. MTK is the last town on the island, hence why it is referred to as “the end”).  After finding a man on killing 4 love. She reveals something to Stella in the postcard, which continues the Noir Not the Father saga.

I used my first postcard as a template.


Adding a new picture was the easy part, however editing the bottom was a completely different story. I should have just started from scratch. It probably would have been easier. I ended up having to do a lot of erasing and layering to make my new postcard. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

stella post card

There are some hidden things in the postcard that may not be recognizable to someone who doesn’t know the background Stella and Blair have. Note the baby carriage stamp. That has a lot of meaning that we may or may not go into later. I’ll keep you on your toes :)

Finishing the week with 11.5 stars since I got an extra star for collaborating with Kelsey!



  1. Great job on this assignment! The post card looks super realistic, I feel like I could buy it at a tourist shop! This was a great way to collaborate with another character, and there seems to be a lot of meaning in that post card, from the message all the way to the stamp.

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