Mr. Groom Will See You Now

Gimp is still not my friend, but I am definitely making progress. This assignment, entitled Professor Groom Poster was worth a WHOPPING 4.5 stars. I can attest to it being worth that much, because I put a lot of time and effort into my piece. I struggled with what I wanted to do for this because there were so many options. How could I pick one movie for Groom to be a part of? But then I thought about what would make him the most famous, and OBVIOUSLY (after going to see it last night, and no comment on what I thought) I thought of 50 Shades of Grey.

First of all, I started out with this poster, from 50 Shades of Grey


The next thing I did was take this picture of Groom (whose face SCREAMS 50 shades), and cropped his head. This was extremely difficult because I hate GIMP and GIMP hates me, so I had a lot of trouble getting his head to be by itself. I ended up doing some witchcraft and wizardry in order to crop it the way I wanted to. But hey, if the shoe fits, right?



I then had to manipulate Groom’s head in order to make it fit into the poster. I did a lot of twisting and stretching, but I am pleased with how well his head fit into the picture. It is a little big, but yolo. It is like he was MADE for this part!


The next thing I did was cover up the “ey” in Grey. I did this by using a black marker and dotting it over the letters. Since the background was black, this worked phenomenally. I then used the text feature and wrote “oom.” I changed the font and manipulated the size until I got what I wanted. I also blacked/blued out the names of the actors in the movie, and changed the names to Jim Groom and Blair Morgan. Blair is my character, and I thought she and Groom would make excellent stars in this movie. Hopefully I can count this towards my character stars, but if not, I will find another way. Lastly, I changed everything to black in white, not only to focus on the Noir aspects of this class, but also because it looked way more bad-ass.

Here is the final product



This assignment really tested my limits, and definitely helped me become more familiar with GIMP. It also really tested my patience. I get frustrated when I can’t make something work right away, and I really wanted to throw my computer at the wall. However, I pushed through and was able to complete the assignment. I hope Groom enjoys this, as well as everyone else who looks at this post! I was trying to push myself a little bit, and I really did. I’m hoping that my editing becomes cleaner. I plan to go to the DKC sometime next week to figure out some more GIMP tricks that will hopefully make my life easier.

11.5 stars down!

  1. 11.5 stars?! You are ruling. I can;t imagine myself in such a role, but then again I haven’t seen the ovie or read the book. What’s awesome though, is your using this assignment to stretch your design and image editing skills. I find this is some of the hardest, and most rewarding, work in #ds106. Trying to wrap your head around digital editing through cut and paste, layering, scaling, and more. Fine work here.

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  3. Just letting you know, you are in one of my inspired posts for this. I thought of this poster when my friend and I did a collaborative Groom poster this week. I initially saw it featured in one of the weekly videos and it had me laughing so hard because of how crazy awesome it was made. Also, It was a wise choice to set it in black and white to make sure there wasn’t a great difference in the skin tone of Grey’s neck. The text changes fit perfectly with the rest of the poster as well. I agree with Groom- 11.5 stars!!!

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