Isn’t a Blitz a Football Move?

So this design blitz really had me itching my head. I was so busy this week because of my tests, that I really didn’t think about it too much until today. I captured some photos around campus, but I also found some photos on my phone that I felt fit the concepts REALLY well, and I really wanted to use them, so I am.

COLOR : The color of this piece REALLY stands out. The orange and yellow of the fire against the black really make the picture pop. I took this at the homecoming bonfire. Having the orange be the center and main focus of the photo really creates for a great image


RHYTHM: This picture of the shadows created on the blinds of the window in the Convergence Center. The pattern establishes a texture, but also creates a sense of stability, even though the design shifts towards the bottom. The patterns are stable, and you can see the distinct parts where the pattern has empty space. This helps give a stronger effect. Also the fact that the pattern doesn’t continue on to the walls makes the rhythm more stable.


DOMINANCE- The sun in this picture really draws your eyes. The fact that the bottom of the picture is darker also helps draw your eyes up. The sun is really the main focus, but the details of the background and foreground also help to tell the story. Without the sun, it is just another picture of the sky. The sun can help tell a story, and it also focuses your attention away from the beauty of the ocean. I took this picture at Main Beach in East Hampton, NY. (aka the number one beach in America.)


TYPOGRAPHY: I saw this and laughed for a good 10 minutes. It is very accurate on my feelings towards pants. The font makes you feel like wherever you  don’t wearing pants is truly where your home is. Minus there  being no apostrophe in AREN’T, it still feels complete. I also appreciate that this isn’t written in Comic Sans, which is the worst font to ever be created. Pants being written in script helps to emphasize it, and make it stand out from the rest of the text.


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