“There Is A Ticking Noise In My Head!”

It is amazing how much sounds affect your feelings when you watch a video. This week, we were asked to watch two different versions of A Touch of Evil.

The first version used music that was much more upbeat, and less eerie, while the second version started out with very dark and creepy music. There are a lot of comparisons and contrasts I made as I watched both of them. While they both tell the exact same story, the way you feel when you watch them is completely different.  I knew there was a bomb in the car during the first video, however it didn’t seem so strange when it exploded. The mood of the movie was a lot more upbeat and a lot happier, so even though I expected a bomb to go off, it wasn’t as alarming. However, the second video started off with music that made you feel like something bad was going to happen. I was definitely waiting for the bomb, and could feel how the energy was manipulated by the sounds in the background.

Hanson’s reading also helped me realize a lot about how the sounds really help shape Film Noir. She talks about footsteps, which you can hear in the second video, which also add to the dramatic effect, especially when they are running. She also talks about the symbolic relationship between image and sound technologies. I definitely found this to be extremely evident in both clips. The way the two work together to create a scene is magical. The fact that the sounds were different in both clips really made you see how important the sound and audio was to the storyline. This actually reminded me of a video I saw on youtube where they took a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean and changed the music

Here is the video,

Overall I definitely learned a lot about how important sounds are in film. Sounds really help to narrate the film, almost more than the pictures do. The sounds can not only change the entire mood of the film, but they also can affect how you feel as you are watching/listening. I think that as the semester goes on, we will see a lot more on how important the audio is for film and radio, especially in Noir. Noir seems to have distinct sounds that convey distinct feelings. Without these sounds, it seems as though Noir wouldn’t feel as creepy and dark as it does now.

To end, I wanted to share a quote from Hanson, that really tied everything together for me. ” Noir sound does not simply add a spice of mood to noir settings, it is also constitutive of the spatio-temporal qualities of noir narratives and their unfolding woven into the fabric of the films.” This really puts everything I’ve learned this week into perspective. The sounds aren’t only about mood and setting. They also help to tell the story, which is one of the main things I have taken away from this week.


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