The ONLY Interview I’ll Ever Do That Isn’t in the NNTF Saga

For some reason, people want to “get to know me” a little better. I was asked to do an interview, and I must tell you, I was hesitant. I’m not really the interviewing type. I’m not sure if you heard me on Noir Not the Father…..but I spend most of my time cleaning up crime scenes and trying to get some. However, I figured that a few questions couldn’t hurt me, so I took time out of my hectic schedule to partake in this. These 4 people, from …Fredericksburg, VA, had lots of questions, but I didn’t want to answer all of them because I have 5 kids and a life. So I picked 7┬áthat I thought were appropriate. A man, by the name Groom, snuck in and asked me if I had ever killed someone. R U D E. Have you ever killed someone GROOM????

Get nosy and check out ┬ámy interview. Have any questions you’d like to ask? Tweet me, @whatupblair.

Want to help make me happy? Tell Ol’ Mick that you’re team Blick and not team Bilair, and that he should just be in love with me already.

  1. I love that you improvised your answers. It made it seem like a real interview. You rule. You are on point. Keep doing Blair.

  2. Yea the improving is awesome and so is your editing. I’m doing this assignment now and there is no way I could do this all in one take

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