ALWAYS Listen to Grandma.

Today’s Daily Create was to Select 5 emojis and use them as a prompt for a unique story.

So here are the emoji’s I was given by the internet

emoji story

And here is my short story-

Grandma had to choose the best prince for me, the beautiful princess. I wanted a dozen roses and romance but she said a real man would bring me a pig to eat.

the moral of the story- always listen to grandma. She has your best interests in mind…and food is ALWAYS the better option. always.

  1. This was really funny! The title of the post definitely caught my eye, and I liked the lesson that grandma taught. I was not expecting that from one of these emoji stories!

  2. It was short but funny story, I really enjoyed reading it. I would keep grandmother’s words in my mind and wait for a real man to bring me a pig! :)

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