How Am I Not Sick of You People Yet?

You know, ever since the recording of NNTF…we have seem to become a dysfunctional family of murderers, baby daddies, alcoholics, thirsty bitches, and nosy brats. Stella continues to invite us onto NNTF, knowing secrets will come out. Jack keeps showing up, even though he is irrelevant to anything. Billy and Mick can’t decide if they’re over Jackie….. I mean its been how long now? She’s dead. Her baby is dead. She’s not coming back, and neither is that child. They need to decide whether this is going to end up being Blick or Bilair. (I’m rooting for whoever will pay my tab at the bar). Anyway, with all of our dysfunctions, we’re still a “family” and we are going to continue our saga as an agency.

  1. I guess I’m glad I will be working with you again… and I’m not gonna pretend like I care about your love life but I do question what you could possibly see in Mick.

  2. Hey Billy you leave Mick alone! He’s a good guy! And I can’t believe I’m getting roped into this agency with all you. Like you said, I’m irrelevant to all of this!

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