NNTF becomes NSNP

Well. I already posted all this stuff about our agency, but I haven’t even told you guys what that agency is. My bad. Anyway. Stella, Mick, Billy, Jack and I have created the agency: No Stain, No Problem. Basically, in Lehman’s terms, we’re a cleaning agency. We clean up any type of mess that you may have. Each of us have our own specialties, but you’ll learn more about that as the weeks progress. I don’t really know what else I’m supposed to put in this post.

Our Mission Statement: If you don’t believe in magic, you’ve never gotten away with murder.

Blair- Stain Queen/Manager

Stella- Publicist

Mick- Security

Billy- Janitor

Jack- Reconstructor

We made a website. CLICK HERE and you can see it. This is where all the information will be.

Now we have made a wix site because wordpress sucks.



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