Baby Daddies & Thirsty Blair

Complete a final reflection post about your radio show, focussing in particular on what it was like to listen to your show live, receive comments/criticism, etc. What would you do differently, if you had a chance? What did you enjoy the most about this project? What was the hardest thing about this project? What advice would you give to future ds106 students as they begin the radio show project?

Not gonna lie, I’m kinda sad the whole radio show thing is over. This was hands down my favorite project I’ve done in college. It was also the best group project I’ve ever worked on. Not only were all of the members of my group super awesome, they all were really hardworking and really nice!

Listening to NNTF live was surreal. It was so weird to hear my voice on the radio. (If I sound that squeaky in real life, I am so sorry). Following along with what people were saying on twitter was probably the most fun of the show being live. We got a lot of positive feedback, which was wonderful. Everyone seemed to like the storyline, and the characters too! I’m really glad everyone caught on to Blair and her weird ass ways. She’s a character. (LOL see what I did ¬†there?) Also, people seemed to like our commercials. We tried to make them have a connection to the show, which I think was super important. ¬†Anyway, really the only negative people said was that some of it felt like it was too scripty, and at the end the sounds overpowered some of the vocals. I understand, and it is definitely something I will look for in the future if I ever have the chance to make another radio show.

I probably wouldn’t do anything differently. I mean, yeah there were some volume issues, but whatever. We worked really well together, and we got lucky that our characters were able to mesh so well.

What did I enjoy most? Probably everything. Lol. I loved recording. I also loved listening to it live and getting feedback. IDK. All of it was so great. Writing the script kinda sucked. I’m just not good at writing in general so that is probably why it wasn’t my cup of tea.

I think the hardest part was relying on other people. I’m the kind of person who would rather do everything herself, because that way I KNOW it will get done. But hey, group projects are about delegating, and that is what we had to do in order to make this radio show a success.

Advice to future DS106 Radio-ers.

  1. make a group AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE
  3. try to write the script together
  5. try to record it all on one computer in one sitting, that way the sounds are uniform.
  6. DELEGATE- have some people in charge of bumpers, some in charge of commercials, etc
  7. If they are gonna have characters, PLAY THEM UP. make them extreme.
  8. Use commercials at suspenseful moments, this will keep people engaged
  9. have your commercials relate to things in the show. keep it connected
  10. use your group members strengths. you may suck at editing sounds but one of your partners may be a music major or a secret DJ. you don’t know.

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