That One Time I Had Competent Group Members for a Group Project

How I feel about our Radio Show Progress

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This week has been a whirlwind of trying to get everything done before spring break. We used google docs, which are probably the only way I actually have survived college at all. If you aren’t an avid user of google docs, you’re doing college wrong.


We met on Monday for two hours to crank out the script. However, you cannot crank out a 25 minute script in two hours. We did get about half of it done though, so that was good. We then met last night for 5 hours to try and finish everything up.


We finished the script in about 2 hours, so 4 total. Then came the recording. That was probably the BEST/WORST part. Some of our lines were so ridiculous, that we couldn’t help but laugh for 5 minutes before regathering ourselves. We created it in 5 different audacity files, for the 5 sections of the show. Lastly, we linked all of the sound effects into the google doc where they belonged in the script, that way Philip could download them and piece them in. He was our designated “put everything together person.”  We ended up using 4 commercials and 4 bumpers, as well as a theme song. Our story turned out REALLY well. Get excited

We worked together as a group extremely well.I was a little nervous at first, because I hate group projects,


but I think we definitely had a solid group. The entire experience was definitely like  the top pie chart.  Our google doc is RIDICULOUS, and I may post the script after our radio show debut, just so you can see what we were working with in side comments and reaction pieces.

I also created this theme song for our show. I’m super proud of it. My audio editing is getting better and better!

ALL AND ALL Noir Not The Father is a bomb ass show, and you’re gonna get your socks knocked off.


  1. I’m glad you had such a good experience with your group! Group projects can be stressful, so it’s good that you were all able to work together well. Google docs definitely can be a lifesaver. Can’t wait to listen to your radio show!

  2. I am literally so excited to hear this radio show. I LOVE the title and just the idea of it in general. I agree, I hate group projects but this wasn’t so bad once everything got rolling. Can’t wait to tune in :)

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