Copyright or Copywrong?

Copyright and plagiarism seem to go hand in hand. You would never quote a book in a paper without proper citations, but what about when you use a picture for an assignment or a powerpoint? How often do you give the artist credit? In today’s society, we rarely give credit where credit is due, especially thanks to the internet. I never really knew the history of copyright, or how it has evolved. Copyright seems to be a sticky situation. Crediting originals is probably the best bet to keep creativity alive. If we just disregard the people who begin ideas, then what are they good for? How would we feel if our idea was taken or misinterpreted and changed into something we didn’t want it to? We are a very ego-centrical society, and it really does show when it comes to copyright infringement. How many times have you watched a movie for free that you found on the internet? Did you know what you were watching was copyrighted? It is not something we think about due to how easily accessible things are.

Creative Commons Movement seems to be a good way to get creative ideas flowing without having to get too wrapped up in the legal aspects of it. The Fair Use Doctrine also is a way to get around the system. I think having these clauses really don’t help copyright infringement. I feel as though because these exist, people tend to forget about copyright problems. I also think that while they were intended to help the cause, I’m not entirely sure how much they do. I think if credit can be given where credit is due, we are less likely to have problems in this area.

  1. I really agree with your statements on copyright, especially what you said about creative commons. I think the difficulty of copyright on the Internet stems partially from the simplicity of just googling something and being faced with thousands of results and no limits. That’s why creative commons is great because it ensures that one is not stealing without even realizing. I think copyrights and fair use both need to be more easily displayed on the Internet.

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