DESIGNating Balance

For this week, we were assigned to read The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli.

I definitely learned a lot from the Vignelli piece, and it also made me think a lot about design as a whole. There were so many things said in the piece that stood out to me, but I am only going to name the two that stood out most.

“[if] no one understands the result, or the meaning of all that effort, the entire work is useless. Sometimes it may need some explanation but it is better when not necessary. Any artifact should stand by itself in all its clarity.”

I really liked this quote because it is really important that art has its own voice. If you have to explain what your piece is about, is it really doing its part? Every piece of art has its own story, and it should be able to express itself. A small explanation should be able to go a long way when it comes to art.

“Every detail is important because the end result is the sum of all the details involved in the creative process no matter what we are doing.”

I really liked this quote because it really helps you realize that all of the details matter. While we think adding something small won’t make a difference, there is a good chance it will. Being picky about your work is important. The process of your work is sometimes more important than the work itself. That is one thing I learned in DS 106. We are supposed to describe our process in detail, not just show the completed work. Being able to explain how I created my pieces makes me that much more proud of them. It also makes me realize how much work really goes into the planning process of design. You do a lot more than just create a piece of art. You build it from scratch. You are the artist, and without all of the details, what you create wouldn’t be what you created.

Design is really what you put into it. Being lazy, and not caring isn’t going to help you create something you are proud of. Art is definitely something to be proud of. We are all creative in our own ways, and if we didn’t have that creativity, life would be boring and dull. You also don’t want to over-do things. Balance is your friend. You need to find balance in all aspects of design because without that, your story won’t make sense, and you won’t be able to portray what you really want to portray

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