#Selfie Nation

The art of photography today is definitely different than it has been in ┬áthe past. I know I am guilty of this, but selfies have become somewhat of an obsession with our generation. I am all for selfies, and for people taking pictures of themselves because they feel good about how they look. I think selfies have helped girls realize that they are beautiful, regardless of what people say. If you are comfortable enough to take countless pictures of yourself, you are the bomb. With apps like snapchat, we see selfies as the norm, and as something that everyone does. Photography today is very egocentric, and I think that that’s okay.

Besides selfies, I take a lot of pictures of the sky. I think that my background in flight and aviation has helped in that obsession. I could take pictures of the sky daily, if possible. I’m not sure why I find the sky so fascinating. Maybe it is the fact that it can be so unpredictable. Maybe it is the fact that the sky is such a big part of our lives. Whatever it is, it works for me. Taking pictures of the sky is one of my passions, and I think being able to capture moments of beauty is a luxury we sometimes take for granted. When I do end up getting a picture of the sky that I love, I feel accomplished. The sky never seems to make the same pattern twice, and I feel like that is another part of its beauty. If you don’t take the picture at that moment, the chance of you ever getting to see the same scene is slim to none, leaning more towards none.

I don’t really have a tactic for taking pictures. I normally just point and shoot. I try to work with different angles, but usually I take the same landscape picture. I have been trying to experiment with panoramic photographs, which has been fun. They really add something to your photos, and give more perspective to them.

After reading the pieces about becoming a better photographer, some aspects really stuck out to me. In Unit 5, I learned that you should rely less on the rapid fire feature of digital cameras. You should also focus on light, and how the lighting can affect the moment you are trying to capture. Reading about the migrant mother was also eye opening. It is amazing how much backstory comes with every photograph that you may not realize. Telling a story through pictures is a great way to go. It is important to not just take a picture, but to take a memory. I think that being more curious about how the picture came about is important. While pictures are worth 1000 words, do we really know what all of those words are?

Lastly what stuck out was the reading about Film Noir Lighting. It was really interesting to read about how Film Noir’s lighting goes into effect. The article also has a lot of great information on Noir in general, which is something that we should really focus on, especially in this class. The usage of shadows is very important,

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