3 Orphans Climb a Snowy Mountain


The Assignment Bank is FULL of such creative things to do! For this post, I’m focusing on TV Guide Remix which I found to be challenging and extremely fun. I’m a very big Disney fan, so I thought the best movie I could pick for this assignment was Frozen! (Did you automatically think of Frozen when you read the title? Because when you think about it, that is really what happened.) If you haven’t seen this movie, then you are totally missing out! The Disney workers have definitely outdone themselves this time. If you do fall into this category, which is lame, here is a synopsis about the movie, according to IMBd.

“When the newly crowned Queen Elsa accidentally uses her power to turn things into ice to curse her home in infinite winter, her sister, Anna, teams up with a mountain man, his playful reindeer, and a snowman to change the weather condition.”

Now there are a lot of other details that didn’t make it into this synopsis, which may make my remix a little strange, but I am just going off the hunch that EVERYONE has seen Frozen. So here is the GREAT TV GUIDE REMIX AS CREATED BY ME!

In a movie where things aren’t what they seem to be, come watch three orphans save the city from eternal turmoil. Anna was told she wasn’t allowed to get married by her manic-depressive sister-queen, Elsa, who ends up running away because she doesn’t know how to love. Come follow Anna as she stomps through an ever-lasting blizzard with a man she doesn’t know, and the help of unorthodox methods of survival. Will Elsa’s creation of life be the end of Anna? Or will an uneaten carrot be the most important part of the story?

Now, I had a little bit of trouble when I was trying to write the remix. It is actually hard to come up with a new description of something that you know so well AND make it sound completely different. One thing that really helped me was the Honest Frozen Trailer.

If you haven’t seen this youtube series, you are missing out. They basically take movies and make trailers about them that are hilarious AND accurate. It is basically this same assignment, but in movie trailer form. (Also you should watch the Lion King one if you have some free time). Anyway, I was really inspired by some of the things they mentioned in this trailer, and it actually helped me in writing the rest of my synopsis. I honestly felt like I was in second grade again, going through the 5 stages of writing. I had the prewriting stage where I decided what movie I wanted to use. Then I went to the drafting stage, where I decided what part of the story I wanted to tell, and put down ideas on paper. I mostly wrote individual sentences, and then pasted them together where I felt they fit and made sense. Then I moved on to the revising stage which was really me taking what I had already written and changing it completely. I made sure to stay organized and keep the words I felt made the biggest statement. Then I moved on to the editing stage… AKA now which is me writing this entire post. I’ve been going back and changing things and making sure it all makes sense and flows nicely. The last stage is publishing…but I’ll get there when I get there.

I chose this assignment for a few different reasons. For one, it sounded like fun, but it also sounded like a challenge. I like things that make me think. I don’t get a lot of time to do creative things like this as a Math major, so this assignment AND this entire class is basically a whole new world to me. I also felt like this was a great way to step outside of my comfort zone. I usually like things to be quick and to the point, but this assignment made me have to use more detail and thought. Movies are going to be a huge part of this class, and while Frozen may not be a piece of Noir, it still has some of the features of Noir, especially when you focus on Elsa and the repression of her feelings. Talk about deep. I also made this because I felt as though I could really transform Frozen into something else while keeping it exactly the same. (That sounds really abstract, which is so exciting for me and my math brain). I wanted to do something that would interest me and make the assignment more fun.

As a future teacher, this assignment is definitely something I would want to do with my older kids (4th – 6th grades). I feel as though you can do so much with just this one assignment. It really gets you thinking about perspective, and how one thing can be said in so many different ways. I think that this is something important that we should be teaching children. Everyone tells the same story differently, and as long as the facts are the same, does the way we tell the story matter? I definitely would say that it does. My synopsis of Frozen and what most people would tell you Frozen is about are COMPLETELY different, but they both tell the exact same story. It is amazing how much words can change things. This assignment really opened my eyes to that. It is definitely something I am going to consider as the semester goes on.

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