Wow. I don’t even know where to start with this post. The Postman Always Rings Twice was a thrilling read. I have never really been one  to be into murder mysteries, but I think that is all going to change now. This story through me so many loops, and most of them I didn’t expect AT ALL! First, I definitely thought that Frank and Cora were going to kill the Greek with their bathroom plan. When that didn’t work I was just like …..what. They couldn’t get away with it! But they did. So the story goes on and they come up with ANOTHER plan to murder this guy. They are just so clever (which seems to be a theme of Noir.) Talk about pressing your luck…or being in love? Anyway, this plan works out for them, and court shakes them up a bit. It was kind of thrilling that both Cora and Frank turned on each other. I knew that regardless they still loved each other, but they threw each other under the bus REALLY FAST, which was kind of lame.

Then we have the part where White, one of Katz ex employees comes and tries to get them out of all their money. But he is obviously no match for the dynamic duo who have not only attempted murder, they have tried again and succeed. So he and his people don’t last very long, which adds to the darkness of the story. Continuing, the whole part about Madge and going to Mexico was not interesting. Yeah I definitely didn’t see that coming, but I also am team #frankandcora4ever (i’m going to make this hashtag stick) so I was a little upset that Frank would do that. However, without that plot twist, the entire end of the story would have ended in a completely different way. She thinks he wants to kill her and he thinks she is going to rat him out to the lawyer who tried to convict them. In the end, their love triumphs, that is until they’re swimming and she  thinks she is having a miscarriage and he drives recklessly, ends up crashing their car, killing her, and then is put away for both the murder of her, and her husband.

I really wanted them to get away with it and live happily ever after, but I don’t really think that is going to be the case as I continue to read Noir pieces. The story was a little racy, as Groom mentioned in his tweet to me. I definitely was expecting it to be even a little more racy, but I’m sure readings over times became even racier. This story had elements of different kinds of characters, but one thing they all had in common was their cleverness (well maybe all of them besides Nick the Greek, he was a little naive). In order to get what they wanted, they needed to be sneaky, and manipulative. Some themes that stood out were love, trust, betrayal, and greed, just to name a few. These really helped to build the story, and I think that it helped keep the reader engaged. The twisting of  the plot really kept me interested. When something happened that I didn’t expect, it made me want to keep reading. I feel like Noir has that effect, and as I continue to read and explore Noir, I hope that is what I find to be true. I think that this was written as a suspense thriller, and I will admit that I was full of suspense and was thrilled at the end.  I am excited to read AT LEAST two more stories for this week!

Read Frank and Cora’s story here!


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  1. I agree with you about the ending, I think it would have been even more insane if they got away with it. Especially given the moral relativism of the narrative. I wrote about this last week because I had similar feelings as you. Anyway, glad you liked Postman, it’s not to everyone’s, but it is noir at its purest in many ways–for better or worse.

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