This week, we are working on forming our radio shows. We had to create a poster/logo/etc for it. Creating a poster for our radio show proved to be a lot of fun. The┬átitle is Noir Not the Father. Our radio show is a Maury style show, where Stella Vaughn is basically trying to cause drama between Ol’ Mick Bretton and Billy “Saw” Steele. They end up going on Stella’s show which is investigating the murder of Billy’s wife, Jackie, with Blair Morgan as the Crime Scene expert. Here is my final product:


Radio Show Poster

I started with the silhouettes of the men. I edited them to make them seem smaller, like they were in the background. I then took the silhouette of the woman, who is representing Stella. She is a psychologist, and obviously they carry briefcases so this silhouette seemed to be appropriate. I layered them together, and then put the font on top as another layer. The Noir Not The Father is in Mrs. Monster font while with Stella Vaughn is in Always in My Heart. It took me a while to find fonts I actually liked, but I’m impressed with how this came out.

There isn’t too much detail, but I feel as though the simplicity of it still tells a story. It isn’t too much but it also isn’t too little. I used red, black, and white because to me those are the colors of Noir. They are dramatic and dark, which are important aspects of the Noir theme.

I am really excited for our radio show to continue to progress. I will be posting a progression post a little later this week!

  1. I like your choice in fonts. I feel like they contrast with each other just the right amount. I think that in many ways the fonts make you promo as striking and eye-catching as it is. I also like how the one male silhouette has a tie.

  2. I love the design and conception of the show. One thing you have to be mindful of is how to contextualize each character quickly so you don’t lose the audience with all the names. They won;t be as familiar as you all with your characters and their backstory. This is inspired!

  3. I LOVE Maury so I’m thrilled that your show is similar to it. I also like how y’all used a play on words for the title of the show. I can’t wait to tune in to find out what happens! Great poster!!!

  4. I really like this idea for a radio show! It’s a cool way to connect all of these characters, and it’s a very topical theme as well. Your poster turned out really well, it communicates overall themes without giving away any of the plot.

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