I Mean, You’re Welcome

I just love commenting on people’s pieces. It was definitely more challenging this week, since there ere significantly less posts than usual. I’m almost done with all my assignments for the week AND I’M SO HAPPY. But everyone’s Daily Creates and Radio Show updates were on point, and I’m really impressed with how creative all the sections really are.

  1. Kelsey’s FAVORITE Things!
  2. Landon’s Emoji Story!
  3. Tiffany’s Emoji Story !
  4. Landon’s DS106 Space Station
  5. Groom’s Take on Groom Art 4 Life
  6. Steadfast Sleuths
  7. Blue and Orange Reservoir Dogs
  8. Erin’s Daily Creates!
  9. Christine’s Space Station for DS106
  10. Aubrey’s Orange and Blue Action
One Comment
  1. I had so much trouble this week too, but the daily creates were very entertaining so it helped with how much fun the assignment was.

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