A Gold Star for Sarah!

For my last inspire post, I chose Sarah Kinzer‘s

The Only One Night Stand We’re Having is From Ikea

Not only is the title fantastic, the whole entire thing is one of my favorite posts. Let me begin with her write up. It is SO detailed, and you really get to see her thought process the whole way through. I love how she added the paper on the one night stand feeling. I felt as though that tied everything together, and added details you may have missed from the story.

Getting to her actual piece. Wow. That was awesome. Every song she chose and every placement added more and more to the story. I loved her editing, it was so smooth and all of the transitions seemed seamless. She did a really good job making the listener feel like they were going through the night. I definitely can learn a lot from her editing and her overlays. Everyone should take a listen to her story, as well as go read her write up. Like I mentioned in Kelsey’s Inspire post, the write up is usually more important than the work, and this is a case where that is truly evident.

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