Kissing Kelsey’s Ass

My second inspire post was Kelsey’s Is it time to Post-it?

(and no I’m not just saying any of this cause she’s one of my best friends. she’s actually the No playing favorites!!!)


I picked this piece for a few reasons. The main reason, was her write up. Kelsey does an AMAZING job narrating¬†her process. She goes into DEEP details, and basically tells you everything that was going on in her mind as she was creating her piece. She also puts a lot of thought and effort into her creations. Each post it note has a purpose. None of them are just there or lighthearted. They all have meaning. I love the way she made this relevant to her character. You can tell that she wanted it to matter, and that her character’s life could be as real as our lives!

The backstory she has created for Stella also comes through in this assignment. She was able to tie back to the background she gave Stella, as well as create some new parts of her life. I think that keeping stories consistent is super important, and you can tell that she wasn’t just messing around when she was creating this assignment.

Lastly, this post makes me want to do better in my write ups. Kelsey is so thorough and you really get a sense of the whole story. Like the professors say, the write up is probably more important than the actual finished product. I definitely think Kelsey is a great model of this.

So Kels,



p.s. Here are Kelsey’s Post-Its

Stella's Post-its

HERE is my inspire post!

and below is my write up from the inspire site:

This write up is flawless! There is so much detail and it inspires me to work harder when I’m writing up assignment posts! She put a lot of effort and thought into her piece.

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