Beause We Need To Know How Thirsty Blair Got After NNTF

Gues who’s baaaaack?! WE ARE. Noir Not the Father is meeting again to create a video project. We are super excited and it should hopefully live up to our radio show.

Our plan is to have  NNTF Reunion show, where we bring everyone back and talk about what has happened in their lives since the show.  If you haven’t heard our radio show. You should listen to it. You can find it HERE.

We met this week to hash out the overview of everything. We plan on meeting more next week to get all the script/filming done. It’ll definitely be a different experience than the radio show.

We plan on having each character have a flashback to right before the show/during the show to kind of have a recap of what has happened. Then the rest of the show will be like your average (HA!) talk show. Everyone will be sitting in chairs, nervously waiting the brutal questions we all know Stella will ask. I’m not sure if you’re ready for what is going to happen next, but I DO know that you’re in for some crazy shit.

Here is my trailer:

I made this on iMovie. Movie editing is somewhat one of my secret talents. I’m not 100% sure how I acquired it, but I did. Go me. This trailer was simple and I just added titles for the words, and inserted pictures of us from FB to use as character representations, since we all will be playing our characters. I then used the audio I created for a theme song for the radio to play over the whole thing. I’m pretty pleased with my trailer! Get ready for NNTF: The Reunion.

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