I Hate Anal….yzing Things

Well. This assignment kinda sucked. But hey, sometimes we have to do things we don’t like or don’t want to. You’re probably wondering what we had to do this week…well we had to watch a movie from a select list, then pick a scene to analyze…but not just analyze it. We had to “read it” which basically means talk about the filming aspects and camera angles and techniques and stuff. We also had to watch 3 videos and do a reading in order to be knowledgeable on the subject.

First, I read How To Read a Movie. I learned a lot of these things when I took Education 311, which is a class on basically learning how to read elementary literature. It was cool that I was able to make connections throughout the reading.

I then watched three youtube/vimeo videos.

From Below

Top 20 Cinematic Techniques

Camera Angles & Techniques

THENĀ I watched Hitchcock’s Notorious with Kelsey, a bottle of wine, and some popcorn.

Then came the part that really sucked. Analyzing it.

There were many tips on how to do this on the Noir106 website, but I didn’t get any of them. I had to download all these apps and I just couldn’t figure it out. iMovie proved to be my best friend. It was super easy to use, but that may be because I am already familiar with it. I did all of my editing and voice overs using iMovie, and it didn’t take too long. The longest part was writing out the script of what I was going to say. I wrote it down on paper because reading from screens and going back and forth between programs is not my cup of tea.

Anyway. Here is my final analyzation. Is that a word? IDK it is now. Hopefully I did it right/did a good job. IDK. I’m too mathematical for this deep analyzing thing.


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