1 Week Until Spring Break!

This week was pretty long, but not too complicated. I procrastinated as usual, and attended a conference at Mary Baldwin, but I’m doing this at 7pm instead of 11pm, so I’m getting better, right?


This is how happy I am that  I’m done so early:cute-smiling-animals-2

Anyway, here is a summary of the long week I’ve had.

Radio Show Progress

Our radio show, entitled Noir Not The Father, is coming along pretty well. We had an initial meeting, and divided up the work. We also set up meeting times for next week in order to crank everything out. You can read my update HERE.

Radio Show Design Project

We had to design a poster/logo/bumper-sticker that promoted our show. I used Gimp to edit mine together. Read about my process HERE, and look at the final product below.
Radio Show Poster

Radio Listen Along

We did another listen along, and I participated on February 19, which included a show about Jack the Ripper. You can see my tweets on my twitter @miaboleis or find them in THIS post.


I really liked being forced to comment on people’s posts. It definitely got me more engaged with my classmates, and I was able to learn more about people’s radio shows, characters, and personal feelings/thoughts. There is a lot out there to look at, and you can see the posts I commented on HERE. I think I will try and comment more throughout the rest of the semester because it was truly a great experience.

Audio Assignments

This week we had to do 10 stars of audio, with at least 5 stars going towards our character. Here are my assignments.

  • So and So’s Greatest Hits (3 stars)
    • I decided to do Boys Like Girls’ greatest hits. I had a lot of trouble getting this post to work because my audio wasn’t cooperating. I finally slowed down the entire piece enough to upload it onto soundcloud. Read about that HERE.

  • DS106 Radio Show Commercial (3 stars)
    • This assignment was fun to do, and it wasn’t TOO complicated. I ended up making a commercial about a dating website killingforlove.com. It is based off of Blair, because she is trying to find a new husband to help her raise her 5 kids. You can read about that HERE.

  • Your Theme Song (4 stars)
    • This assignment was the most fun and took the most time. I made Blair a theme song, because she needs one more than I do. You can read all about my process HERE!


In the end, week 6 went REALLY well, and I am super excited with what I have come up with. I am also looking forward to working more on our radio show in the next week, and finishing it up, HOPEFULLY BY THURSDAY! I do not want to spend my first days of spring break trying to rush and finish my DS work.


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