Blood Stains Extra, No Questions Asked

Happy Easter, or whatever you celebrate. Stella and I have been in the CC since 9:00 am because well we don’t really celebrate Easter. But here is a bunny.


Now on to what you came here for. What a week this has been! As usual, I have been very busy keeping up with the Noir106 work, as well as feeding 5 children, and keeping my man happy. Here is a recap of week 11.

Final Agency

As you all know, NNTF remains a group, except we have changed our name to NSNP aka No Stain, No Problem. What does our agency do? Well. We’re a cleaning agency. I am the Stain Queen/Manager, Stella is our publicist, Mick is the Security, Billy is the Janitor and Jack is the Reconstructor. We all have great assets that will make our agency the BOMB.COM. You can read my post about our agency HERE and you can check out our Agency website HERE.


HERE. Always tryna make you bitches feel good about yourselves while TRYING to give you some positive criticism.

Daily Creates

Two of these this week.

Black’s Birfffday

Black's Bday

Save Noddy

Groom and puppet



10 Stars of Assignments

5 Stars of Web-

Pinteresting (2): HERE!!

Basically, made a board that had to do with NSNP.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.58.04 PM

Buzzfeed Quiz (3): HERE!!

Basically, you can take this quiz and find out WHO should clean up  your mess! TAKE THE QUIZ

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.45.43 AM

5 Stars of WHATEVER-

Website Banner (4): HERE!!

Basically….This is a banner.


Business Card (2): HERE!!

Basically, this is my card. You can use it whenever you want. We’ll hook you up. Well I will.



In the end, this has been a pretty laid back week. I doubt that week 12 will be that way. But I can hope.

This is not Week 11 related, but check out our behind the scenes footage from NNTF, The Reunion

Here is another bunny.



PS here is how I feel right now


  1. Your blog post is so on point. I love the daily create with Groom.
    Except the bunny breaks. Bunnies are evil.
    Anyway, you are so creative and dedicated to all of your assignments. They are really authentic and show the time and effort you put into them.

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