I’m Never Procrastinating Again


I didn’t think this week would end. I had planned to get all of my work done by Thursday so I could enjoy my weekend home, but that obviously didn’t happen so here I am at 9:46 on Sunday night cranking in my last post. Quel dommage, mais c’est la vie

This week was a whirlwind of Noir pictures and movies. We were first assigned to watch 2 Noir movies, and capture screenshots of Noir elements. I watched the mandatory Killer’s Kiss, and then chose to watch Chinatown. They were both very different from each other, but had similar elements. You can read what I wrote about Killer’s Kiss here, as well as what I wrote for Chinatown here. I learned a lot from these two films about cinematography and noir. A lot of careful planning must go into them in order to get the thrilling and creepy feel that Noir is famous for.

We also had to read about becoming better photographers. I definitely know I am not a pro yet, but I learned a lot from the reading and I’m excited to make adjustments on my photography techniques on future assignments. You can read about my revelations here.

Next we had to complete a Noir Photo Safari. Let me tell you that I was all for a safari, until I read what I was looking for. I was definitely intimidated by this assignment. I never really go out looking for something to photograph. I usually just come across something and am like “oh that is quite nice I’ll take a picture of that” and boom. The end. But this assignment really made me think. With the help of my girl Kelsey, I was able to come up with these beautiful works of art. This assignment ended up being really fun and not extremely time consuming. I also edited this post like 100 times so if you saw the pictures that I originally posted, you should check back and see what I changed and added for my final post. 

The daily creates this week once again proved to push me creatively. However, mine never seem to post on the daily create site, but I did them all when I was supposed to I swear!

The first one I did was Create your own 2048 game. If you’ve never played it, it is extremely addicting. It becomes even MORE addicting when you customize it to your taste. You can play my version here, and you can read my daily create post hereDo you wanna build a snowman?

The next daily create I did was to show silence in a movie. This one was really fun. I basically took different words from around campus and made them into a story. You can watch the video and read the post here, and maybe you’ll decipher the underlying meaning!

The last daily create I did this week was to create instructions for an everyday item. I chose to write up directions on how to write an email because, lets be real, most people send emails EVERYDAY! How To Send an Email may actually save your life.

how to

Next we had to do 10 stars worth of visual assignments. These were a lot of work, but fun work! 5 of these stars had to be related to our character, and 3 were from a  mandatory assignment.

The mandatory assignment (worth 3 stars) was to create a bag for our character, and explain the items inside. You can read all about Blair’s bag here, but here is a picture of the end product as well.

Blair's Bag

The next assignment I did was to create a warning poster (worth 3 stars). I made my post from the perspective of Blair. She has a dog that can kill on command. You can read all about that here, but if you don’t wanna read ALL about it you can just enjoy it.

Beware of Dog1 copy

After getting all of Blair’s stars out of the way, I did 2 assignments that seemed really interesting to me. The first was an acrostic poem (worth 3 stars). You had to use pictures to create an acrostic poem of your name that had meaning. Mia is a really short name, but it was still hard to pick only 3 things that I wanted to use to describe my life. I feel as though this would be more fun for someone who has more that 3 letters in their name. Here is my work.


The last visual assignment I did was Shakespearean LOL cat (worth 2 stars putting me at 11 #overachiever). Anyway, I took a picture of my main squeeze Pierre, and added a quote from Shakespeare that related back to the picture. You can read all about my thought process, or just enjoy the final product.


Lastly, we had to add categories to our blog. That proved to be nice and easy, and really has been helping me keep all of my posts organized!

I’m so glad this week is over and I am going to go to bed now because I just drove 5 hours back from Long Island and should have gone to sleep the moment I sat in bed.

Also I’m never procrastinating again.

10:15 and It’s really done.


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