Mia is M.I.A. and I’m Tied Down Now?

I WANT MIA BACK. Seriously. How the hell does she do all of this? And why the hell did I get dragged into this shit DURING THE HARDEST WEEK? Seriously. I’ve never been more stressed out over anything…and this isn’t even my job. LABOR WAS BETTER THAN THIS. Ok. Whatever. Here is my update, which is not being done at 11 pm.




3 Daily Creates…. Really? Three? As a mother of 5, I need to be creative every second of the day. You can see the masterpieces I made HERE!


So I had to make people feel good about themselves. I’m really good at this because most of the time my kids make ugly things but I have to tell them how beautiful it all is. HERE are my comments.


Welp. NNTF is sticking together for this Agency thing. This could be bad. I’m officially with Mick, but there are parts of me that still wants to be with Billy. He is my baby daddy and all….. But what am I going to do? Suck it up. It’ll all work out in the end…RIGHT? Probably. We’ll see what the rest of this semester has in store for my love life.




WELL. You people are some of the nosiest I’ve ever met. You had so many questions that were not only personal, but extremely weird. Groom, Burtis, Bond, & Black were the ones asking these strange questions, and I feel bad for Mia….she has had to put up with these people for 9 weeks! Good thing I’m taking over for a while. It will allow her to focus on graduating. Read all about how I interviewed HERE or just watch it below.



MIA. YOU ARE SO STUPID WHY DID YOU PICK THIS. (Update 1) Holy shit. let me tell you. This was all fun during filming, and editing. BUT THE EXPORTING? This was a nightmare. It took me like 18 hours to figure out how to export it. You know what I had to do? I had to record it playing on my screen……. THIS IS NOT EASY. The sound didn’t record so I had to install something to make the sound record and the video record. ALL BECAUSE THE STUPID VIDEOS WERE STUCK ON THE CAMERA AND WOULDN’T UPLOAD TO MY COMPUTER AND THIS WHOLE THING WAS A MESS AND STRESSFUL AND I HATE VIDEO WEEK. Lucky for Stella, Mick, Billy & Jack, they didn’t have to deal with any of this. They were in charge of the commercials, and the background sounds. They all did a fabulous job, and I couldn’t have done any of this without them.

Here is a little background: We met Tues and cranked out the script. But you know it wasn’t really a script it was more of a what are we going to talk about since this show was filmed in front of a live studio audience. We met Friday for production. Since the set of NNTF hadn’t been finished, we had to sit in front of the audience…in front of a green screen. This proved to be super easy and  made for a better show. Then we met Saturday…for like 6 hours, for editing…which leads us back to my rant from before.

BUT here is what you have all been waiting for. You are watching this from my perspective as I finish the final cut.

NNTF- THE Reunion

Also, the thumbnail doesn’t want to work…..but you should be able to still watch it. IF NOT CLICK HERE




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