Weekly Summary (1)

This week I got very acquainted with many different social media accounts, as well as working with my new domain and blog. I definitely still have a lot to learn, but I think I have a pretty good grasp on the basics.

Here is a link to my social media introductory post.

I made a twitter account for this class. I’ve had a twitter for a while, and I also run my club’s twitter. This new one isn’t much different from my personal twitter, but maybe I’ll end up being more clever or something here.

I also uploaded a new video to youtube which was all about my 2014. I had a song that went along with it, but youtube wouldn’t let me post it because of copyright infringement….. lame. I think youtube is a great outlet and it is really easy to use.

One website I found intriguing is Flickr. It reminds me of Instagram but less square and more interactive. It is also very user-friendly. Here are a few pictures I uploaded.

Me and Grampa



(note: I have a weird obsession with taking pictures of the sky, so you’ll probably be seeing a lot of them throughout the semester).

Soundcloud is also a new website I signed up for to use this semester. I explored it a little, and once I figured out how to use it, it seemed pretty usable.  I do like music, and I can see that Soundcloud is a great place for people to display their own music in order for other people to hear it. Here is a cover of 22 (since Taylor is no longer on Soundcloud or Spotify) that I reposted in honor of turning 22 last week!

I also made a gravatar featuring my Christmas Day Selfie.



I think that Noir is a very interesting concept. While I really am not into these kinds of movies usually, I think that this class may change my views. It is cool that there is a whole world that exists and that these types of films fit into. While Noir is not something I’ve ever heard of or had any experiences with, I am excited to work with it, and begin to understand it even more in depth. Being able to work outside of my usual comfort zone will really have a big impact on how I end up looking at things. Also, Noir is an outlet that allows for a lot of creativity, and as a future teacher, I think that we need to explore our creative sides way more often than we do now. I definitely will enjoy working with Noir this semester.


OVERALL I didn’t have too much trouble setting up anything. This was a lot easier than I was expecting it to be. When I opened the firsts email, I was VERY overwhelmed! However, I was able to complete everything in a timely manner. What drove me crazy was trying to make my webpage something I liked. I am very picky when it comes to designing and so creating my website to my high standards has been challenging. I am really excited with how it looks, so far. I am still working to get all the kinks and links to work out, but I’m sure over time it will all come together.

  1. So based on some of the examples, you want to start venturing a definition? How about the reading by Paul Schrader? We’ll be spending a fair amount of time interrogating noir, but would love to get some early impressions/ideas. Any impressions of noir based on the examples shared?

    • The reading was very informative. Noir is definitely not something I have really watched or heard of before. It is really interesting that it seems to be a neglected part of film history. I think it is something more people should be aware of and interested in. Noir seemed to be a turning point in American cinema during the 40s and 50s, and while it appeared to have been understated even back then, it is definitely something we should be putting more emphasis on, or at least making viewers more aware of. The examples really showed me how many different types of Noir there is. From Bugs Bunny to the Courageous Cat to to Pretty Little Liars to the Dark Knight to stories (such as Nightmare Town), there are so many different medias Noir can be presented in. Not only can it be presented in different medias, it also ranges throughout different genres. Another impression I got was how clever a lot of the characters seemed to be. It seems to be a common trait of at least one character of all of these medias. I think that noir has a lot of potential and I am definitely excited to learn about it more in depth.

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